Arnold sat in the backseat of his father’s Buick Super and watched through the small window as the Baltimore he knew with its neat rows of densely packed brick houses receded from view. His father behind the steering wheel, and his mother in the passenger seat, the Wasserman family traversed…

The USS Enterprise, the dinner plate shaped spaceship and home base for the Star Trek the Next Generation fleet, is rendered in illustrative detail in the bottom center of the play field. It is flanked on both sides by the alien whose enormous domed cranium forms two split bulbs, and…

The founders of Chorus had a solid idea of how they wanted Chorus to be perceived as a brand, and how they wanted users to feel as they moved through the platform. However, these ideas were mostly floating around in their heads. …

Week 1 Recap

Important things related:

  • Making technology not the divide (not being able to get through the barrier)
  • Future of where designers need to be thinking
  • What does democratizing technology mean?

Autopsy Summary

After receiving a general overview of the platform and its users from the Chorus team — my teammate and I planned…

What did you learn this deliverable?

I am graduating without a job.

What are you most proud of?

I am graduating without a job.

What did your team do really well?

I am graduating without a job.

What did you question about your experience?

I am graduating without a job.


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